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What is the Open Information Grant?

To answer the call to the Open Information Manifesto, this Open Information Grant aims to foster a landscape where Open Information is not just a hollow concept, but a concrete reality that drives the development of groundbreaking applications.

Application Process

Financial Support

  • Baseline Grant

    Each successful application is guaranteed a baseline fund of at least 1,500 USDT. This foundational funding ensures that all selected projects have a solid starting point to commence their innovative work, or improve existing products.

  • Match Fund

    The Open Information Alliance boosts support via a match fund and support system. Integrating Alliance members' products/services makes applicants eligible for extra funding and support, subject to terms set by members. RSS3 match fund and Google Cloud Credit support is available now.

  • Follow-On Grant

    Lastly, we understand that innovation is an evolving process. Depending on your project’s progress and impact, additional grants may become available.

Post-Grant Engagement

  • Regular Check-Ins

    We’d like to stay in touch with you to discuss project progress, challenges, and successes, and make sure you stay on-track.

  • Guidance On Demand

    We are happy to offer technical guidance, strategic advice, and industry insights to grantees.

  • Networking & Visibility

    We may invite you to participate in key events to connect with the peers and potential collaborators, and to showcase your work.

Want to contribute to Open Information? Join us to build towards information freedom.

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Grant Recipients
The World's First Ethereum OS
Interplanetary microblogging platform.
Mobile companion for your Ethereum journey.
A novel protocol for storing your podcasts forever on Arweave.
Web3 Programming For Everyone